Hasbunallah - The Sufficient

Exclusive Original by Nadia Zeeshan

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Title: Hasbunallah - The Sufficient 

Artist: Nadia Zeeshan

Description:  36 x 24 x 0.5 inches (H x W x D)

Painted on gallery wrapped canvas using gesso, acrylic paint and ink, and embellished with layers of 24k Gold leaf


The central idea behind this painting is to showcase this profound Dua from Surah Al-Imran. Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) unfazed by his fate when Nimrod wanted to punish him for denouncing polytheism, uttered this famous Dua (Prayer) before stepping in to fire.

"حَسۡبُنَا اللّٰهُ وَنِعۡمَ الۡوَكِيۡلُ‏" 

"Sufficient for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs"

Quran (Al-Imran - 3:173)

Various  versions of this event have been covered in religious scriptures of Islam, Christianity  and Judaism.   My fascination with this story started when I read Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s Poetry from “Bang-e-Dara” which eloquently described the event as the epitome of belief that defied reason.
"بے خطر کود پڑا آتش نمرود میں عشق ...... عقل ہے محو تماشاۓ لب بام ابھی"   
"Bay Khatar Kuud Pada Aatish e Nimrod Main Ishq.. ..Aqal Hay Mehv e Tamash e Lab e Baam  Abhi "
"Love caused the courageous leap (of Abraham) in to the fire ......Intellect was spellbound by the grand display (of belief); for the outcome defied logic."

The Almighty's watchfulness is the only reason why one can walk out of fire un-harmed or be rescued from drowning in an unsteady sea. We may not have faced the trial of fire like Abraham, but we can all relate to the feeling of drowning or being lost at some point in our life. It is only during times like these when we realize that Allah alone is watching over us and is sufficient for us (Al-Kafi).
The Kaabah in gold symbolizes Allah watching over us, the pale blue signifies the cool breeze that quenched the fire of Nimrod . The raging sea represents the feeling of despair and drowning.