Sirat al-Mustaqeem - The Ascension.

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Title: Sirat al-Mustaqeem - The Ascension.

What  you will get:

  • A high quality art print of my Original painting “Sirat al-Mustaqeem - The Ascension.”. It has been printed on the highest quality photo paper using giclee (inkjet) method.
  • The print has a satin finish which gives the colors a beautiful vibrancy and is unframed.       
  • Frame is not included.                                                                  



  • Sirat al Mustaqeem – The Ascension , is my way of  painting harmony between faith and the conduct of a person. 
  • It’s a combination of serve and pray. The balance between these two makes a Muslim a Momin. 
  • The blue represents everything between the heavens and earth.
  • The Celestial Kaabah (Bayt al Mamur) on the upper right corner surrounded by Angels symbolizes the “Pray” philosophy ( Huqooq ul Allah). The temporal Kaabah (Khana Kaaba)surrounded by human pilgrims portrays the “Serve” Philosophy (Huqooq ul Ibad).

Why should you get it?

The intersection of the two circles is “Sirat ul Mustaqeem” or the right path where these two realms meet. The verse of Surah Fatiha is inscribed in the intersection of the two circles: " Ihdinas siraatal mustaqeem"  Quran (1:05) Translation: Guide us to the right path .