The City of Minarets

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 What You Will Get:

  • A high quality print of my Original painting “The City of Minarets” printed on the highest quality archival paper (Not Framed).
  • The print has a high gloss finish which gives the colors a beautiful vibrancy. It comes with a white border and is unframed.
  • Frame is not included.


    • “The City of Minarets" Is inspired by the places of worship I have visited over the years. The deep magenta depicts warmth, as a Mosque is a place where people are welcomed. The Gold is a representation of the Almighty.
    • This piece is a study of the intrinsic and delicate balance between Huqooq ul Allah (The rights of God) and Huqooq ul Ibad (The rights of people). The former cannot be complete without the later.
    • By looking at this print, you will be reminded of what the Almighty requires from us and how merciful he is.