My art defines me. I am a contemporary abstract artist, who expresses emotions and spiritual experiences on canvas... I am Nadia.

I have been painting for as long as I can remember. I'm not quite a poet, but I do write sometimes . I consider my art to be a form of visual poetry. I write first and paint after. Every piece has a beautiful piece of poetry or prose that it is inspired by/

The concepts I paint are usually somewhere between Heaven and Earth. I'm not a prolific artist , I think more and paint less. I stare at a canvas for a long time before I paint it. The conception of the idea, the story, the meaning and the intended impact, all play a role towards completion. It can't just be pretty. It has to be more than that. The message needs to have an impact on the viewer even after the art is gone. All the things I've experienced, all the books I've read, all the people I've ever met , all the thoughts I've ever had, all the places I've been to , they all need to culminate and materialize into its final shape .

That is the art. My art.

As an artist my journey demanded an unmaking before  a re-making, akin to a whirling Dervish. Like a studious conformist, I earned a degree in Quantitative Mathematics at school. And to feed the restless part of my soul I diversified my  credentials with Religion and Middle Eastern History degrees at the prestigious University of Toronto.

The nomad inside of me has led me to walk on the volcanic sands of Hawaii and to roam in the tight alleys of Old Muttrah in Oman to fiddling with the wildlife in Mount Revelstock  and dipping my feet in the ice cold glacial water of Bow Lake. My travels have only made my art more reflective of who I am , enriching it with deep inspiration.

Theology , Prophetic stories, Orientalism, Postcolonialism , Interfaith Unity , equality , diversity and inclusion are themes seen in my work.

My aim is to inspire hope, change and reform through my art.