Serenity – House in Heaven

Exclusive Original by Nadia Zeeshan

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Title: Serenity –  House in Heaven 

Artist: Nadia Zeeshan


 60 x 30 x 1.5 inches (H x W x D)

Painted on gallery wrapped stretch canvas using acrylic paint, ink and charcoal. Hand foiled with layers of decadent Pure 24k Gold and 22K Silver Leaf.


This painting is an abstract rendition of the beautiful verses of Surah Tahrim by Nadia Zeeshan.:

“My Lord build for me a house with you in Heaven”

Quran (Al-Tahrim - 66:11)

It is said that Asiya (wife of the Pharaoh) uttered this prayer while enduring the Pharaoh's retribution for defying him and his evil ways. This painting and the verses serve as a reminder that this world has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal. This world is temporary, as is all our pain. Our true destination lies in the permanence of afterlife. Instead of chasing material advancement; one should strive for moral grandeur; choose principles over privilege, and fear God not death.

In the artwork, the verses floating over the clouds are my way of illustrating paradise. The verses are encapsulated in the outline of the Kaaba which symbolizes the house of God.