The Mercy of the Mighty

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Title: The Mercy of the Mighty

Artist: Nadia Zeeshan


 24 x 18 x 0.5 inches (H x W x D).

Painted with acrylic paint and ink stretched on gallery wrapped canvas, textured with modeling paste, soft pastels and beach sand hand plucked from Lake Huron, Ontario.


This artwork is inspired by the divine traits of mercy and kindness that made Prophet Solomon special in the eyes of God. Solomon the great was a Prophet, King and was gifted in many ways. He had prayed to God to give him a Kingdom like no other, and God gave him that and more.

But it wasn't his vast Kingdom, wealth or gifts that made Solomon great in the eyes of God. Instead it was his mercy. The mercy he bestowed upon a tiny ant.  The story is that Solomon was leading his army to war, when he heard an ant call out to her colony to seek shelter lest Solomon and his army trampled them unawares. 

Solomon changed the path of his entire army and avoided crushing the ant colony. By doing so, he showed humility, mercy and gratitude to a tiny creature, when he didn't have to. And those qualities are what made him great in the eyes of God. 

Inscribed in the art work are two prayers of Prophet Solomon.

 "He said, 'My Lord forgive me. And grant me an unrivalled kingdom such as never shall be possible for anyone after me. Indeed, it is you who alone are All granting" (38:35)

 "My Lord!, Dispose me always to give thanks for your grace, with which you have graced me and my parents, and that I do righteous deeds with which you are pleased. And admit me, by your mercy into the company of your righteous servants. (27:19)

This artwork hopes to inspire us to follow the Almighty's lead and to be merciful and gracious as he wants us to be.


    The Mercy of the Mighty

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