The Un-masking of the Faceless

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"The unmasking of the faceless"


Nadia Zeeshan


36x12 X1.5 inches (HxWxD)


This painting is my visual observation of the people visiting the Holy Masjid at any given time and my poetry a written one. The abstract people are mostly faceless beneath the Kaaba, left intentionally blank so you can fill them in yourselves metaphorically.

You know what I see ?

I see the face of the one who frequents the House of God every year because he has been blessed.

And the one who has waited his entire life for this moment.

I see the face of the one who gives to the poor frequently yet quietly.

I also see the face of the poor walking timidly and warily.

I see the shining faces of a new couple starting their new life .

And the content faces of the elderly couple performing their last rites.

I see the devoted faces of a couple praying for a child.

And also the anguished faces of those praying for their child.

The faces of the happy parents whose dutiful child sent them on this experience of a lifetime. And the frail face of the one praying for more time.

There are many other kinds of faces , The tired wayfarer, the load bearer, .

The face hardened by adversity , And the one favoured with serendipity. 

The nonchalant and free spirited , the determined and the defeated .

The one who is lost, and the one who has lost.

The betrayed and broken , The lonely and forsaken .

The face that is weatherbeaten And the one that has hardly eaten .

The one patiently walking on this toilsome road called life And the conflicted one who's world is filled with strife .

So many faces and yet we remain faceless to our Lord . For him we are all equal. And our true nature is unmasked to him . For he alone knows what's in our hearts better than we do ourselves. Every pain or suffering we have endured he knows of even if no one else does. Every good that we do doesn't go unnoticed to him nor does any sin. And that's all that matters. This world doesn't matter. What people think of us doesn't matter. 

The Un-masking of the Faceless

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