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Poetry Inspired by insightful conversations I had with friends belonging to different religious minority sects and the discrimination they face because of it. I wrote poetry and made this piece a few weeks back, but in light of the 11 innocent Hazaras who were violently murdered in cold blood in Balochistan recently, I felt it was the right time to share it. You can read below:

Maybe one day we can look into each others eyes and see,
Something that would make me human to you, and you to me.

And maybe one day , you and I can pray together
And accept that your God and mine were forever the same. 

And maybe if we were in a different world, a different age,
We could say to each other all the things that we had always wanted to say,

That we are not all that different, if not the same
Can we not forget and be reborn that way?

And maybe just for a day , we can take a walk and shake off all that hate,
And realize, that we share the same humor, the same taste.

And maybe one day, we can put aside that bias, that blinds us in way,
And makes us say, all the things one should never say.

And maybe one day our children can play together
The way children play, without hate, because children aren’t born that way.

And maybe one day, we can sit and laugh at what the old folks would say, 
If they could see us this way

Because maybe that day, we will finally see that there was always me in you and you in me, And what a glorious day that will be.

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