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I’ve had a long lasting love affair with acrylics for years. They were the perfect medium for me as they would dry fast, look vibrant and clean up easy.  Whenever I wanted to make something with layers; they would allow me to continue working without taking breaks.  But often times I would rush the brush strokes, smudge them (unintentionally) and then angrily cross out the
entire thing in black (intentionally) .

When ever this happened , a snide voice would whisper “Impatient” rather gleefully in my ear . It was true after all, I was impatient and didn’t want to learn a different way. And so this vicious cycle would continue for a while. Only recently did I come across some of my decade old oil paints that were gathering dust in a corner of my studio. I knew they were there,  I just didn’t feel like going back to them.  

I lacked the patience to wait for them to dry so I could layer them again, plus they were harder to clean up . So I threw the whole lot in a bag and ignored them for the greater part of the last decade.

But for some reason I went back to them anyway. I think I was finally ready to acquire some patience.  And what a joy it was this time around! I loved slowing
down, taking my time ;and you know what? I actually enjoyed myself. I realized I was stressing myself out  and working too hard… so focused that I actually lost focus of what was important. Enjoying the process and living in the moment.

Maybe I needed to move back to oil paints just to learn this lesson... or maybe I wasn’t talking about oils or acrylics at all…. Maybe we all need to slow down and take a breath and a break from whatever it is thats hurtling us at break
neck speed.  

Do you ever feel like that? If so how do you recuperate from the dizzying and
nauseating experience of not being able to catch your breath ?

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