Yaseen- The Hour of Gold

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Title: Yasin (Yaseen)- The Hour of Gold

What you will get:

  • A high quality art print of my Original painting “Yaseen- The Hour of Gold.” It has been printed on the highest quality photo paper using giclee (inkjet) method.
  • The print has a satin finish which gives the colors a beautiful vibrancy and is unframed.       
  • Frame is not included.                                                                  


  • Yasin - The Hour of Gold, is inspired by the time of Maghrib. Those fleeting moments before dusk, when the sky turns a beautiful Gold intertwined with the brightest of colors.
  • It’s a momentary glimpse of Heaven. The moment when a person's hustle finally halts and they get to sit down and take in that glorious view.
  • The moment before one opens their fast or touches their forehead to the ground in remembrance, or when they simply get to enjoy the calm of that moment with that glorious view. That is what the Golden hour is all about.
  • These beautiful verses have been taken from Surah Yasin:  "Yasin - By the Quran rich in wisdom. You, Prophet are truly one of the messengers upon the straight path". Yasin Sharif (1-4)

Why should you get it?

This art work serves as a gentle reminder to constantly strive to find the right path.