Custom Art


Considering a commissioned piece ? Please put in an expression of interest through Instagram or our Contact Us page.

Sometimes people see my artwork that they like, but would prefer a different color or a different canvas size. When this happens, I am more than happy to discuss a commissioned painting with you! The first step is to contact me. I’ll go through the process and create the perfect work of art to suit your preferences.  To speed up the process, I’m going to share the three steps to commissioning a painting.

Consider Your Preferences

Consider and communicate in writing what you want in your painting. Here are some things to consider:

  • What size would you like?  Tape off the area where you intend to hang the painting and measure the space.
  • What style of painting are you interested in? Once you find a painting that you like in my portfolio, we can discuss and decide which style is best for your art. Let me know if you prefer a blended painting or prefer a more textured, rustic style. 
  • What colors do you want to feature? Sometimes my paintings are exactly what you’re looking for in the exact opposite color palette. If this is the case, we can discuss what colors might be better suited for your space. You can always send me photos or fabric swatches to ensure that the colors are as closely matched as possible.

Once all of these questions are answered, I will provide you with a price quote, an estimated date of completion, contract details, down payment expectations  and the instructions to purchase your painting. 

Creating the Painting

I create a mini-version of what the finished product might look like in a sketch book. This gives you an idea of what to expect for the full-sized version and lets you refine the piece as needed. This is your opportunity to provide suggestions or things you want to change. Next up I scan the studio sketch and send you the digitized version for final approval and their records. This is the stage where I hit the studio and work away at the painting until it’s complete. I use the studio sketch as my guide throughout the whole process.